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Leonard Posey, who has served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees said that his vision for the Urban League of Morris County is "to become the preferred one-stop, on site service provider for the community," and his charge is to help the organization move in that direction. While providing guidance  direction, and leadership to the Board of Trustees, he is also responsible for motivating the board to secure resources that enable the Urban League to accomplish its goals.  The collaboration of the Chairman, the Board of Trustees, and the President ensures that the overall objectives of the Urban League broadly align with those of the National Urban League. Their foremost concern, however, is fulfilling the human service needs specific to the Morris, Warren, and Sussex Counties.


Our organization is growing stronger, expanding, and responding successfully to the challenges faced by all non-profits, in spite of the reality that individual donations, corporate, state, and federal funding have decreased since the September 11th attacks. The need for services that existed before September 11th remains, and additional needs of indirect victims of the attack have imposed new demands on service organizations such as ours.

Growth is a product of self-sufficiency, driven by the need for services, and our organization's growth over the past four years has been tremendous. We proudly continue to successfully develop new resources, attract new members, expand our facilities, staff, and programs, and most importantly, render valuable services to our community.

Past Chairman of the Board

Leonard Posey

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