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Urban League of Morris County - Fact Sheet

The ULMC has a rich history and continuing tradition of helping the disenfranchised and opening doors.

ULMC is committed to helping our Youth embrace new experiences, visiting new sites, preparing for the future.  Some examples of that are the following:


  • Visiting the UN

  • Touring Colleges

  • Visiting the Historical Black Colleges

  • Touring Museums

  • Visiting historic sites

  • Providing them with professional leaders from the ranks of Corporations, Small Business, Interfaith Leaders and Community Leaders

Urban League of Morris County - Result Card

Not included in the Report Card are the following Programs:


  1. English as a Second Language

  2. Read & Rise Programs

  3. DYFS - Support Programs

  4. Job Connect

  5. UPS Job Fairs Programs

  6. Interfaith Collaborative Programs - the Sounds of a People

  • ULMC ENTERPRISE, LLC --program where we were aiming for self Sufficiency thru creating an entrepreneurial arm

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