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NextGen Program


ULMC has agreed to partner with SGAP to deliver NextGen programs for our young people from age 12 thru College. ULMC and SGAP have been working together informally for 5 years and we have decided to formalize our approaches to accomplish 4 things:


  1. Reach more students—together we have reached over 2,000 students:

    • SGAP: 1,079 students via select programs 

    • ULMC: 1,200 students via select programs and Scholarship programs 

  2. Offer new programs and services to the communities we serve:

    • NextGen Project: 4 key programs (STEM/Sustaiability, Personal Finance, Global Awareness,

    • High School/Clollege global exchange)

    • Scholarship Programs: Extend the Current  Scholarship Programs 

    • Congressional Internship Program: Extend the Current Program 

    • Youth Development Program: Extend the Current Programs 

  3. Demonstrate to our youth that they are Global Citizens and what that means:

    • United Nation & Counsulate Visits 

    • Museum Tours 

    • College Tours (HBCU & Others) 

    • Speakers on Global issues that are of value to our youth

  4. To continue to expose them to the UN and different cultures and challenges: 

    • Discussion on Fair Trade and Human Trafficking

    • Meeting with UN Diplomats and Speakers

    • STEM and Sustainability Workshops

    • Other 

Key facts about the program


  1. 1362+ students have gone thru the programs

  2. Visited the UN 5 times (A joint program for past 5 years)

  3. Conducted 24 STEM Sessions

  4. Been involved in over 20 different Video Teaching Programs

Why one should want to partner and sponsor our programs:


  • We are reaching over 2,000+ students 

  • We are offering them exposure to a Global Village  

  • We are challenging their intellect to stimulate them to make a difference in their communiities.


Program Sponsors



  • ’First Energy, JCP&L -  Urban League of Morris County

  • FDU

  • Novartis

  • Other

NextGen Initiatives


  • Global Experience and the United Nations Tour - Fosters leadership, civic engagement, and awareness of global issues among middle and high school students.

  • Sustainability Challenge - Student-designed and led projects focused on problem solving global issues using STEM.

  • Student eXchange - Dialogue with action plans for high school and college students about global issues which impact locally (Human Trafficing and fair trade)

  • $mart Money Trading Simulation - Financial management simulation game on a mock trading floor for teens

Purpose of NextGen Programs/Initiatives:


  • Raises the awareness in our students, of the major issues of our day that plague human lives on a global scale (i.e., access to clean water, human trafficking, alternative energy sources, fair trade, etc.)

  • Teaches young people about the ethical, scientific, and economic implications of incorporating sustainable practices into our current system, as a way to overcome these issues

  • Helps young people to develop a critical and solutions-oriented mindset that will enable them to tackle various issues of global significance

  • Guides young people through the process of sequential learning, at each step, ultimately toward their becoming positive change agents in their communities.



Michele Joseph, MBA
Liandra Pires
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