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The Urban League helps African Americans, other minorities and residents of the Tri-County area enter or re-enter the workforce by providing job readiness training, career and vocational counseling, job matching and placement, and if necessary, referrals to other service organizations. We help individuals who are unemployed, under-employed, as well as those who are making career path changes take advantage of computerized job searching tools.


Our goals are to prepare prospective employees to obtain and retain employment, and to establish a solid network of employers who will consider our qualified candidates for employment at all career levels.


Job Readiness

Job Readiness training prepares clients with the soft skills needed to obtain and retain employment. Writing resumes, cover letters and thank you notes, dressing appropriately for work, and preparing for job interviews are all skills we help our clients develop. 


Career and Vocational Counseling

Career and Vocational Counseling begins with an interview to assess the candidates' skills, abilities, interests, and expectations. We then help them identify appropriate career choices based on this assessment. Our objective is to ensure appropriate job matching, placement, satisfaction, and job retention. We encourage continued education for further career advancement and personal growth.


Job Matching and Placement

Job Matching and Placement is a component of our employment program that is in very high demand. We receive resumes from prospective employees and open job positions from hiring corporations and agencies. Prospective employees are then matched with appropriate open job positions. If a suitable match exists we prepare the candidate and arrange for an interview with the employer.


At our Job Matching Forums, we match applicants' resumes to available jobs listed by the participating agencies and companies. On the day of the forum, pre-screened candidates and matched employers have the opportunity to network and hold preliminary interviews. Employers interested in second interviews can make appointments with the candidates. 


Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Investment Board - WIB is another collaboration that delivers more options and a broader range of opportunities to job applicants. Job seekers are able to use the latest tools for up to the minute, county, state, and nation-wide job searching. As a One-Stop Career Center of the WIB, the Urban League furnishes a comprehensive, Internet based information network that provides job seekers with accurate and current job market, training, and employment data. Eligible job seekers can learn how to take advantage of on the job training programs or classroom training. 


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