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About Us


The Urban League of Morris County, Inc. is one of 105 affiliates of the National Urban League, and it has been a vital and necessary 501 C3 non-profit community service organization for over 70 years.   Our mission is  “To enable African Americans, other Minorities, as well as any under served resident in the counties we serve (Warren, Sussex, Somerset and Morris (which is the Primary County we serve).


From it’s inception the Urban League of Morris County has always been a multi-racial organization and a leading proponent of cooperation between cultures.  We have a history and tradition of helping the disenfranchised and opening doors to employment and career paths in local businesses and corporations.  We continue to help our young people take advantage of educational opportunities needed to advance their careers. 



Our Purpose, Theme & Goals


Our Purpose: To become the First Choice organization for African Americans,  People Of Color, and those who feel they need assistance to help them achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment. 


Our Theme:  “Our Children = Our Destiny” –“Building Our Community with many Hands” 



  • To improve the lives of the children in our community.

  • To empower, educate and energize African Americans, People of Color, any young person or adult in their quest for economic equality.

  • To secure unique opportunities and careers for our clients.

  • To ensure that our clients receive the best service and care and are positioned for economic viability.

  • To target strategic partners to help us achieve our mission and goals.



Where we Serve


Our aim is to provide services for the youth, adults, and senior citizens so that we might allow them all to improve the quality of their lives.  


We are involved with the communities, the schools and the interfaith organizations—so that we might empower and enrich the lives our clients and future clients. 


We cover 3 counties in the New Jersey area-- Warren, Sussex, and Morris (which is the Primary area).  However any client from the surrounding counties will be accepted into any of our programs because ours is an organization designed to serve and support the underserved


The area that we cover has over 1 million+ people with minority populations ranging from 7% to 20 (Primarily African American and Hispanic).   We have representatives at all the major High Schools in those areas such as Morristown High School, Madison High School, Boonton High School, Dover High School, Parsippany Hills High School and others just to name a few.  We have afforded these students scholarships to colleges (200+) and we have taken well over 600 to HBCU  and college tours. 



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